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Social Media for Artists and Musicians: Creating Your First Twitter List

If you are an artist or a musician who wants a local following, then learn how to build your first twitter list.

Twitter Lists - Never ending, like task lists!
Like your "Honey Do List" - Your Twitter List Is Never Quite Done.

Social networking, is one of the fastest ways you can build a following. Sure, it can take a little time and effort but it will be worth it. You will be getting the word out about what you do to local people who will come as see your show.

There are many artists on twitter these days and for good reason. With Twitter, you can provide people with quick updates about where your latest show is playing or you can interact with people on a personal level. Twitter lets you speak out to others. Continue reading

Artists Who Are Reclusive and the Reasons They Are That Way

The life of a recluse would not be enviable for the ordinary members of the public but many celebrities make that choice.

The problem with the world of entertainment is the fact that virtually everyone is concentrated on judging and assessing particular artists. If your hit single is followed by a dud, then there will be demoralizing coverage that you are in effect a one-hit wonder. The reality shows that are used as a promotional platform end up putting pressure on their participants to humiliate their families in the public eye. Going into Big Brother is the ultimate challenge for the celebrity because you may end up losing the respect of your audience Continue reading